Employers face two tremendous workforce challenges

  1. The Great Resignation is reshuffling workforces leading to changes in morale and continuity.
    • How are you preparing leaders to demonstrate employee value in your organizations?
  2. Inflation pressures distract employees, diminish productivity and increase cost burdens.
    • Are your employees to effectively managing their personal lives so they can focus more on your business?

Ready for Resiliency?

You may be looking for a speaker or workshop leader to skill-up your employees. Take this opportunity to engage a proven     B-school professor who’s equipped thousands of emerging leaders to proactively pursue complex management concerns.

Keynote speaker & seminar facilitator Trent Theroux

Empowering emerging leaders to manage change with resiliency & proactive positivity.

  • Leaders can immediately apply Trent’s interactive teachings
  • Skills, strategies & tactics for today’s and upcoming challenges
  • Infuse renewed enthusiasm throughout your organization

Today’s Insurance, Finance​ & Human Resources professionals are facing

  • Current staff ill-equipped to take on advancing leadership roles.
  • Overworked managers who can’t confidently delegate and suffer burnout.
  • Lack of productivity: the average leader is only productive 3 hours/day
  • Current training lacks impact and actionable takeaways.
  • Gaps in their organization’s structure due to tight labor markets.

Seen & Heard


Why Trent?
Fortune 100 companies, industry conference curators, and smaller organizations/nonprofits choose Trent for his unique ability to synthesize their needs into impactful stories for diverse audiences. Audiences, executives, and booking agents note these key takeaways from Trent’s workshops & keynotes:

Book Trent for an engaging talk on employee resilience!

  • Trent provides immediate tools to help developing leaders tackle persistent challenges
  • Helps employers retain valuable employees by equipping them with resiliency tools & strategies.
  • Inspires & enables attendees to reframe obstacles into manageable tasks.
  • Boosts mindfulness and provides empathy tools when engaging staff and even in personal relationships.
  • Creates resilient leaders at all levels of your organization.

Your story and message of resilience coupled with your sincere and thoughtful delivery truly resonated with me. You raised the bar for speakers next year.

Trent was poised, well-spoken and captivated the audience. He has an amazing story to tell and one I personally admired.

Hearing Trent is like taking a Good to Great vitamin.

“His learnings are easy to digest and with long-term impact because they’re interactive: You’re listening and engaging on an emotional and logical level. Plus you have lots of tools and tactics to invoke when you’re met with challenges at work.”

“Thanks for the work you do to bring hope to the lives of many. You have a gift.”

“I was thoroughly inspired by your presentation at the Always On Symposium. Thank you for being part of the experience.”

“Trent knocked it out of the ballpark. His personal stories deeply touched each member of our senior management team.”

“You had an immediate connection and rapport with our team. Your message of Moving the Big Rocks First was ideal for what we will face in the coming months.”

“Trent enlightened our future leaders with his candor, humor and insight.”

“Thank you for the outstanding presentation you delivered at our conference. I took your message of resiliency to heart and made a commitment to myself to be ready.”

“Trent is a remarkable speaker. The audience laughed and cried with him through the entire presentation.”

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