Resiliency is a Reflex

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Resiliency is a word quite often thrown around today. “We’re going to be resilient.” “We are resilient.” “Tomorrow we will need to be resilient.” Trent’s leadership training for employees explains why we have to throw out those maxims.

Resiliency isn’t something you plan for. You don’t go into the office and say, “Today I’m going to work on the budget, answer some emails and I’m going to be resilient.” It doesn’t work that way.

Resiliency is a reflex. It is something thrust upon us. It’s a visceral reaction to the events around us. We don’t plan to be resilient; circumstances make us resilient.

My keynote titled “Resiliency is a Reflex” dives into the resilient mindset.  People with this trait have three common attributes:

  1. They accept their circumstances as they exist
  2. They have a strong belief in their purpose
  3. They create uncanny ways to overcome obstacles

The keynote has three objectives:

  1. Participants walk away with a shift in their perception of what makes them resilient and strategies to understand how best to reframe the problems they are facing.
  2. Audiences are inspired by an “against all odds” story that inspires and makes one appreciate family.
  3. Appreciation for identifying resiliency in others and how to draw on its power.

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Your story and message of resilience coupled with your sincere and thoughtful delivery truly resonated with me. You raised the bar for speakers next year.

Trent was poised, well-spoken and captivated the audience. He has an amazing story to tell and one I personally admired.

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