Developing Resilient Leaders

Improve Yourself and Influence Others

Resilient Leaders excel in improving the mindsets of others.

Have you considered that education can only take your team so far? How much of it can be implemented? Are our teams comprised of resilient leaders?

It may not be education our teams need, but rather coaching.

Tom Brady is one of the greatest football players of all time. Do you know how many coaches he has? At least seven, by my count. Head coach, offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach, throwing coach, strength & conditioning coach, nutrition coach and hair stylist coach.

A man of Brady’s talent – a man who seeks perfection in his profession – has at least seven coaches. How many coaches does your team have?

Trent’s keynote “Developing Resilient Leaders” is about coaching your employee’s mindset so that they can be prepared to score on every play.

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The keynote has three objectives:

  1. Understanding Resilience – participants do not need to be intimidated by daunting obstacles.
  2. Inserting Leadership – participants identify situations where leadership is required.
  3. Strategies to become a Resilient Leader – A series of strategies at the intersection of resiliency and leadership which will guide participants to making better choices when under strain.

Your story and message of resilience coupled with your sincere and thoughtful delivery truly resonated with me. You raised the bar for speakers next year.

Trent was poised, well-spoken and captivated the audience. He has an amazing story to tell and one I personally admired.

Hearing Trent is like taking a Good to Great vitamin.

“His learnings are easy to digest and with long-term impact because they’re interactive: You’re listening and engaging on an emotional and logical level. Plus you have lots of tools and tactics to invoke when you’re met with challenges at work.”

“Thanks for the work you do to bring hope to the lives of many. You have a gift.”

“I was thoroughly inspired by your presentation at the Always On Symposium. Thank you for being part of the experience.”

“Trent knocked it out of the ballpark. His personal stories deeply touched each member of our senior management team.”

“You had an immediate connection and rapport with our team. Your message of Moving the Big Rocks First was ideal for what we will face in the coming months.”

“Trent enlightened our future leaders with his candor, humor and insight.”

“Thank you for the outstanding presentation you delivered at our conference. I took your message of resiliency to heart and made a commitment to myself to be ready.”

“Trent is a remarkable speaker. The audience laughed and cried with him through the entire presentation.”

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