Trent Theroux delivers powerful talks on resilient leadership for managers and employees.

He teaches them how to view their jobs and their business from a new perspective. He shows them what it means to be a resilient leader, and teaches strategies that they can implement at work.

Trent motivates his audiences by showing them that they are all capable of resilient leadership.

Unlocking your leadership potential is the key to success in the business world, and Trent’s keynotes are geared towards helping professionals do exactly that.

Developing Resilient Leaders

Teams need more than educating – they need coaching. Resilient leaders need to learn how to identify situations where leadership is required, and how to then step up. Click here to learn how to be the kind of coach that can guide your employees to the finish line with a brand new mindset.

Resiliency is a Reflex

In this keynote Trent explores how we can gain a new understanding of what makes a person truly resilient. It shouldn’t be something we have to try to achieve every day — it should be reflexive. Click here to learn how to identify resiliency in yourself and others, and how to draw on it.

The Organization’s Heartbeat

Information moves through quickly through an organization, from vision to execution. An employee can become integral to their business, if they understand the structure and their role in it. Click here to learn how leaders can inject themselves into a business to help make it successful.

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