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24. I’ll Buy You Fly

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide’s Men’s Football team is ranked number 1 in the country and is in search of its sixth national championship in the last decade. The head coach Nick Saban has been described as a football genius and a hard driving coach. Like most businesses, you would assume that Saban has built a finely tuned machine within his ranks so that he is able to produce nation’s best quality results year after year. You would expect that from every top echelon company. Solid and consistent leadership throughout the ranks so they can produce consistently superior results. […]

23. Cabin In The Woods

Is it 5:00 yet? On Friday? Man, it’s only 1:30 on Wednesday. How many of us wish is was Friday? Why is that? Why do we hope that days pass us by like a meteor shower? John Lennon was right. “Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans.” So, it’s Wednesday afternoon and you wish it was Friday. Maybe it’s as simple as…you’re bored. Welcome to Swimming in the Flood; a podcast where develop the resilient leader’s mindset by navigating difficult currents in business. My name is Trent Theroux. A 1985 study by the Navy Personnel Research […]

22. Culture Club

Have you ever joined a cult? No? Have you ever had a few youngsters rock up to you and talk about how beautiful the land was, how there was this special community down in the valley teeming with youths from our generation and how there was this really groovy leader who was almost like a mystic. Want to join? What if they there was an awesome soundtrack? No? What if you could earn stock options? (Music) Welcome to Swimming in the Flood; a podcast where develop the resilient leader’s mindset by navigating difficult currents in business. My name is Trent […]

21. Fighting the Fescue

Imagine that you are Rory McIlroy, a national treasure. A hero to your hometown, your home country. Crowds cheer your name before you make your first swing of the day. You acknowledge your fans and set in to perform your assigned tasks. The last time you played this course you were masterful. Better than masterful, you set the course record. Your chest is swollen to three times its size with the pride in your abilities. You are on the first tee of Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland and you just hooked your opening tee shot out of bounds then slashed […]

20. Jockeying for Position

Corporations invest billions of dollars daily on whether projects will become successful. They will measure the potential for economic value added or market value added. Assessments will be made about the track for success in the marketplace and the hurdles the competitors will face. Investments will be based on the number of the competitors in the field and where they will enter the market. Decisions are often made based on the quality of the manager. Their ability to succeed…or maybe just the color of their silks. Welcome to Swimming in the Flood; a podcast where develop the resilient leader’s mindset […]

18. Domesticated Service

Will you picture something for me please? I want you to picture yourself at your desk. It’s getting near the end of long, grinding day and you are looking forward to taking a joy ride in your new convertible straight after the workday. Now, in the minutes before you are ready to leave, your boss bursts into your office. She’s breathing heavily and explaining that she’s late for a pressing meeting, an uber-important summit. She wants to take your car…now! She tells you that you can find your way home and if you were a real company man you’d hand […]

17. Hot Dogging It

Have you ever seen an innovation which made you think, “I came up with that idea years ago?” On Demand TV is that innovation for me. My mother took me to see The Bad News Bears, the original in its original run in 1976, at the Newport Opera House Theatre. She told me in the lobby that the boys would be using some bad words and if she ever heard me using any of them she would wedge a bar of soap in my mouth. She was right. There were a lot of words I never heard before like crud, […]

16. Fly In Orlando

I recently watched the Best Picture award winner, Midnight Cowboy with Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight. The final scene is very touching. The two men are riding a bus to Florida to get out of the grimy New York street life. Overplaying the action is Harry Nilsson’s Everybody’s Talkin’. The song’s opening lyrics – Everybody’s talking at me. I can’t hear a word they’re sayin’. Only the echoes of my mind. It made me think about a recent business meeting. Six people at the table with six agendas. Each participant with one mouth and no ears. Side conversations took over the […]

15. The On Deck Hitter

Did you watch the royal birth last month? It was beautiful, regal and proper. I was fascinated by how perfectly orchestrated little Archie Mountbatten-Windsor was fit into the family. First, the queen. She’s been the queen for over 60 years. Then there’s Charles in his fake military garb. William stood proud and tall followed closely by his children; George, Charlotte and Louis.  Next is the groom Harry. Prince Harry. In some respects this is his day. But in my eyes his still only sixth in line for the crown. Don’t you love a good succession plan? Welcome to Swimming in […]