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36. Learn To Paint

 My mother sent me to bed an hour early for a few nights in a row when daylight savings time would come in the spring. The theory was that she didn’t want me to lose an hour of sleep and be tired for school come Monday morning. My mother also sent me to bed an hour early when the clocks would go back in the fall. Probably because I was getting in her hair more than a compassionate concern for my biorhythms. I remember waking up that Sunday in the fall and thinking it was the greatest day in […]

38. Kiss The Girl

Coronavirus Fear Around Us   I was on a run through the middle of town a few days ago and arrived at an intersection when I put my leg on a post to stretch my hamstrings. Traffic was light for 5:00 on a weekday. About twelve feet away from me a couple walking along the sidewalk stopped. They were in their mid-30s and both wearing masks. They stopped right in the middle of the sidewalk. After a few seconds I asked if they were waiting for me to move. They both nodded. Stretching, I tried to rationalize why they wouldn’t […]

37. Zooming On By

A Clockwork Orange is a difficult read. Difficult because some of the narration is a hybrid of Slavic and Cockney and difficult because of the rehabilitation scene of the protagonist, Alex DeLange. Alex is strapped to a chair, his eyes are forced open with wires, a screen plays directly in front of him for hours on end. Alex becomes emotionally distraught and exhausted. The scene is relentless and intense. Reading this scene made my mind tired and drained…kinda like how I felt after spending five hours on Zoom calls last Wednesday. Welcome to Swimming in the Flood; a podcast where […]

35. Find Your Silver Lining

I took a trip to up, upstate New York last weekend before the state issued their shelter-in-place order.  The scene was surreal.  The town of Clayton, New York sits on the Saint Lawrence River overlooking Canada, just northeast of Lake Ontario.  The promenade is gorgeous., lined with hundreds of Adirondack chairs overlooking the river.  Ferry landings and their wide births waiting for the next boat to arrive.  Open air table dining to maximize their view of the sun setting over the fast moving river.  The scene was idyllic.  Idyllic and barren.  There wasn’t a soul enjoying the breathtaking location.  Part […]

34. Running With The Bull

Have you ever run with the bulls? Put on your white shirt, mix into the crowd, listening to their screams and grunts in every language imaginable, laced up your shoes, waited for the opening bell to ring then zoomed off. Zigging and zagging trying to find the best opportunity to get through the maze and into the crowed arena where thousands of fans are cheering? Or, did you sell off your 401k before the rally began? Welcome to Swimming in the Flood; a podcast where we develop the resilient leader’s mindset by navigating difficult currents in business. My name is […]

33. Join The Sales Resistance

I went to the market to pick up some milk and sundries for my weekly meals. At the front of the store was a table with stacks of Girl Scout cookies. They had all best kinds; thin mints, peanut butter patties, s’mores, Caramel de Lites, they had everything. Behind the table were three pre-adolescent girls each holding a box in front of them, waiting for my arrival and inspection. Of course, I was going to buy cookies. Wouldn’t you? Beyond being delicious, I support this program because of the entrepreneurship endorsed by the Girl Scouts of America. The GSA is […]

31. Fiery Competition

I was in complete awe watching the fiery finish to last week’s Daytona 500. For those of you who are unaware of this story let me start by saying that Ryan Newman walked out of the hospital, under his own power, 42 hours after the crash. In the final lap of the Daytona 500, the remaining racers were tightly bunched and zooming across the backstretch in their effort to win The Great American Race. Ryan Newman car was hit in the rear sending it flying into the air. Then, the car bounced off the rail – in mid-air and flipped. […]

30. People Like Me

Here’s a little quiz for you. What does winning the lottery, dark chocolate, using a Stairmaster and Facebook have in common? Lottery, dark chocolate, Stairmaster and Facebook. Any guesses? The answer is they all give you a dose of dopamine. What’s dopamine? I think you’re going to like this answer. Welcome to Swimming in the Flood; a podcast where we develop the resilient leader’s mindset by navigating difficult currents in business. My name is Trent Theroux. Dopamine is responsible for the little burst of happiness you feel when you get Facebook likes. Our brains produce the chemical dopamine when we […]

29. Reject Me Once

We were walking in Wayland Square on the east side of Providence on an unseasonably cool June morning. Just poking our heads into shops, I graduated college three weeks earlier and didn’t have a dime to buy anything of value. It was our third date, our fourth meeting if you count the time we were just kissing in her car. I don’t remember conversing about anything in particular it’s normally small talk for people in their early twenties getting to know each other. Until, she told me that her therapist thought it was best if she wasn’t dating. My head […]