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57. Add Stick To Stories

I was 100% positive, beyond a shadow of a doubt, guaranteed certain that in 1985 Madonna was carrying David Lee Roth’s baby.  I heard it in the hallway in between classes from a source that new somebody that worked at the school newspaper, so it had to be true.  And, it made perfect sense.  David Lee Roth was hurting from his breakup with Van Halen and Madonna was completing her Like A Virgin tour.  It made perfect sense that they would get together. Hmmph.  Isn’t it funny how some stories stick with us for decades? Welcome to Swimming in the […]

56. Boarded By Pirates

They are loud in the rooms above me rummaging through my possessions.  I am recording this podcast in my basement while by house is being pillaged by pirates, searching for booty and other valuable treasure.  My options in the basement are very limited.  One, I can let them destroy everything in the house and try to rebuild.  Or two, pay the ransom they demanded when they broke in.  It’s a challenging quandary, but that’s the business of ransomware.   Welcome to Swimming in the Flood; a podcast where we develop the resilient leader’s mindset by navigating difficult currents in business.  […]

55. Pitch Perfect

How much do you pride yourself on being perfect?  We all want to provide high quality services, secure excellent grades, raise immaculate children, achieve amazing personal goals, but how close are they to perfection? Do you constantly measure yourself by how close to perfection you come?   Maybe my real question today is – how much does it bother you if they are not perfect?   Welcome to Swimming in the Flood; a podcast where we develop the resilient leader’s mindset by navigating difficult currents in business.  My name is Trent Theroux.   Are you the type of person who is […]

54. Fly Nimbly

Have you ever had a demanding boss?  The type of boss that intimidates everyone around the office.  He’s a large organization type.  Engrained in a culture that should have been abandoned eons ago.  Workers talk about the boss and hope to goodness that he doesn’t call their work into question?  The type of boss that doesn’t listen to other people’s issues or concerns.  I’m sure we have all had this type authoritarian type of boss.  Well maybe not exactly this type of boss.  Can you picture that boss in your head?  Good.  Does that boss have a deep, deep voice?  […]

53. Focus On The Finish Line

I’m writing this podcast on the 75th anniversary of what is known to me as Victory over Japan Day, or VJ Day.  The surrender of Imperial Japan was announced by Japanese Emperor Hirohito on August 15 and formally signed on September 2, 1945, bringing the hostilities of World War II to a close. This seminal moment in world history closed the chapter on Japanese military dominance in the Pacific rim and opened the chapter of Japanese industrial dominance in the second half of the century. The date also represents the 35th anniversary of the most humiliating defeat I ever suffered.  Now, I appreciate that my failures […]

52. Whitewash The Fence

I’m going to make you a deal.  A great deal!  I have this job that needs to be done.  It’s a rather tedious job, but it needs to be done regardless of the tedium.  This job is of special importance that only a few qualified individuals can manage and I’m not sure that you are one of those people with the right talent and temperament for this job.  Maybe you have what it takes.  I’m a little busy right now recording this podcast. So, how would you like to do this job for me?  Wait!  One more thing.  I would […]

50. Raise The Anchor

  When I was in college we played a drinking game called Anchorman.  Maybe you played it once or twice too.  The concept is that there is a team of four people who are tasked with drinking a full mug of beer.  Each member would drink some portion of the mug and the anchorman was responsible for chugging the balance.  It’s designed as a team drinking event.  The object is for the team to finish their beer first.  Yet, in many games I watched, the first three people would take only a sip or two and leave a massive amount […]

49. Youthful Inspiration

  The format of this podcast will be different from the previous fifty we’ve previously produced.  This podcast will feature one story and one inspiring young man.  I think that when you are done listening you will understand how appreciative I am that this story came to my doorstep and how grateful I am to be able to provide a modicum of help and exposure. Welcome to Swimming in the Flood; a podcast where we develop the resilient leader’s mindset by navigating difficult currents in business.  My name is Trent Theroux. On July 22, 2019, North Carolina state Highway Patrol […]

48. Hustle Down The Line

Let me ask you a question.  Imagine two individuals.  They have the exact same education, training, work experience and backgrounds.  Yet, one of them is far more successful than the other.  Why do you suspect?  Sure, we could make a statistical model to control for numerous variables or we could go with what I suspect –  I suspect that one has more ambition than the other.  One wants it more.  The more successful person has that drive that is widely talked about and measured.    But, the real question I want to ask you is how is that ambition instilled into […]

46. Interpret The Right Data

On the first night of each graduate school class, I would pose the same problem to my students. I would go to the board, draw a bright circle on the middle and tell them that this was a piece of data. I would ask them if they could analyze the data? Most were confused by such a vague question in the first ten minutes of class and wouldn’t even put their heads up. I would then draw a second dot somewhere else on the board and ask if they could connect the two and give me an analysis. Many now […]