Trent’s story of walking after being paralyzed is amazing. His inspirational speeches deliver a message of hope and resiliency with tenderness and humor.



Trent’s storytelling is genuine and thoroughly engaging. He motivates and entertains with a client’s distinct message.



Trent utilizes his corporate finance and insurance track record to shape messages stimulating both managers and employees.

The events of the past only shape who we are, they do not predict our future. The die is never cast. I am an Explorer of Change. And, Explorers of Change search only for tomorrow.

Reveal your employees’ inner resiliency

Trent has been a leadership training speaker for nearly two decades. His strategy training and workshops combine his endurance athletics endeavors into team building training for employees. Trent’s inspiring speeches have been appreciated by athletes, entry level workers, and C-suite management.

Resilient Leaders

Leadership Training Speaker Trent Theroux Develops Resilient Leaders

He inspires, motivates, and moves audiences through personal narrative, business anecdotes, and his riotous humor. Trent is a Vice President of Finance, graduate school Professor of business strategy, endurance athlete, and activist for the Spinal Cord Injury Community. Following an accident that left him paralyzed, Trent created a foundation to provide durable medical goods for spinal cord-injured patients and funded the foundation through an unprecedented backstroke swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Trent’s work as a leadership training speaker has been highlighted on radio, newspaper, and television.

Most recently, Trent swam the English Channel and was recognized in Sports Illustrated for his record 41-mile swim circumnavigating Aquidneck Island (Newport, RI). Leadership training speaker Trent Theroux is the author of Fillet to Finish: An Awkward Journey to the Ironman.

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